"Irritated!" Travelers return to Intermodal Station to find car windows smashed; 30+ vehicles impacted

MILWAUKEE -- Some travelers returning to Milwaukee's Intermodal Station Sunday, December 3rd were surprised to find their car windows smashed and items strewn about. Some victims reported items missing.

Police haven't confirmed -- but people on scene said 30+ vehicles were impacted.

"I just don't know why someone would do something like that," Judy Mazzie said.

Mazzie got back from Chicago to find her vehicle's window smashed in the parking lot.

"The only thing they might have taken is a Goodwill bag, so God bless them," Mazzie said.


Police left notes on vehicles with a number for people to call. Officers were on scene as travelers returned to their vehicles.

"Surprised and irritated! No one likes to come to something like this -- and now we have a couple hour drive to get back to Green Bay," Terry Brusda said.

It almost looked like a violent scene with shoes, bags and gloves strewn about, and travelers worried it might be their car.

"There were 34 vehicles that had their windows cracked, so it wasn't a 'hop in the car and go home,'" Sandy Rothenhoefer said.

Rothenhoefer was one of many who improvised with garbage bags for the ride home.

"We've got to get the mess taken care of and get the baby warm and get home," Rothenhoefer said. "What a nightmare for so many families around the holidays. It's not a good time to have to deal with this."

Rothenhoefer said she's just grateful no one was hurt, and said it's all about perspective. Some said they were thankful for the warm weather, and the fact that we didn't have any rain or snow, as that could've made the damage much worse.

This was the second straight weekend vehicles parked in this lot were targeted. Police last Monday, November 27th said they were investigating after several thefts from vehicles parked at the Intermodal Station near 6th and St. Paul over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.