Iraq War veteran wins 2012 Toyota Camry on FOX6 WakeUp

MILWAUKEE -- Six brave men who served our country through the military were finalists in the FOX6/Toyota "Salute To Veterans" giveaway of a 2012 Toyota Camry! Sunday morning on FOX6 WakeUp, Lee Kelley from East Troy found out he's the new owner of the Camry!

Before Iraq War veteran Lee Kelley won a brand new car on live television Sunday morning, he had no idea that an unlucky number would make the difference. "I got the last pick, and it happened to be the number six, and this week is my nephew's sixth birthday, so happy birthday Luke!" Kelley said.

The "Salute To Veterans" giveaway was a FOX6 and Toyota contest where hundreds of veterans were nominated by family and friends, and given the chance to win a 2012 Toyota Camry.

Kelley continues to work with our nation's military, helping soldiers transition and find jobs when they come back to American soil. It's a career that takes him on the road and across the country. Kelley says his new car will definitely help him in his professional life. "A little more comfortable, and reliability will be great - knowing we have something that we can keep up, and keep us going," Kelley said.

Kelley's wife, Amanda, says winning this car is a big win for her, as well! "I don't think I've ever won anything to this magnitude. Maybe $5 at Potawatomi. He's done so much for his country, and it's time he gets something in return," Amanda Kelley said.

The couple will be celebrating their four-year wedding anniversary this May, and a new car couldn't have come at a better time, because their family is growing. "We have one coming in May, so it will be nice to have a new car, with some nice features on it," Amanda Kelley said.

The Kelleys did not drive off the lot Sunday with the car they won. They'll pick up their brand new car from the dealership in about six weeks. Amanda said she'll let Lee choose the color, because he won the car. Lee said he wants a red Camry - just like the one displayed on FOX6 WakeUp Sunday at the Greater Milwaukee Auto Show.