Investigation at Nicolet H.S. after student brings knife to school

GLENDALE (WITI) -- An officer held a student at gunpoint at Nicolet High School after the student claimed he had a gun. That student later claimed he was joking -- but it is no joke for officials, who are taking it very seriously.

The incident occurred Tuesday morning, April 23rd. Some students have told FOX6 News they are upset that they were not immediately notified of the incident.

A letter was sent to parents on Wednesday night, informing them of the incident.

A metal detector could be to thank for thwarting the threat at Nicolet High School.

"One of the students was acting nervous and suspicious, and was about to have his backpack checked when he ran out of the building," Dan Klemencic with Nicolet High School said.

Klemencic says the student ran down the street and into a tunnel near the school.

"Authorities went and checked the tunnel and found a knife," Klemencic said.

According to police reports, when the school's resource officer approached the student in an attempt to question him, the student became argumentative, reached into his pockets and declared he had a gun.

Immediately, the officer withdrew her firearm and called for backup.

Nicolet students like Edwin Valentin were on edge, unsure of the student's intent.

In a police report, the student later claimed he is struggling in school and hears voices and thinks people are talking about him behind his back. The student reportedly denied bringing the knife to school with the intention of using it to harm anyone.

Regardless, Faith Moore wishes students were notified.

"It makes me feel very upset because I'm a student here and there's a lot of stuff going on in our world today, so it's kind of scary they didn`t let us know," Moore said.

The student told officers he was "being sarcastic" about having a gun. It is a threat authorities are not taking lightly.

"This is not a laughing matter and we take these issues seriously and there will be some punishment if he is found to be guilty," Klemencic said.

The student was issued a citation for disorderly conduct. The school says he is not allowed back in school until the investigation is complete. He will most likely face some sort of disciplinary action from the school as well.