Inmate suing Tennessee couple who won Powerball jackpot

MUNFORD, Tennessee -- Less than a month after winning the Powerball jackpot, a Tennessee couple is being sued by a prisoner.

Jonathan Lee Riches, who is also known as Jihadi Schitz, has sued the Multi-state Lottery Commission, Powerball and the Robinson family for what he claims is his share of the prize money, Forbes reports.

Lisa and John Robinson chose the lump sum worth over $328 million. The handwritten lawsuit claims Riches is the true winner of the Powerball jackpot because he sent money from his prison trust fund to the Robinson’s daughter, Tiffany.

Riches claims he is entitled to half of the winnings. He claims that without his help, the family would otherwise have not been able to afford the tickets.

In addition, he claimed for the past couple of years, the Robinsons' daughter, Tiffany, had been visiting him at the penitentiary and writing to him frequently.

Riches also claims Tiffany was going to marry him and that the two of them planned to move to “a remote island full of milk and honey.” Riches claims he told Tiffany to give the money to her parents to buy lottery tickets.

“Now I find out that this Robinson family won the Powerball and now they refuse to give me my cut of the Powerball,” he wrote. “… Now the whole Robinson family are going to run around this Earth spending Powerball money that belongs to me.”

Riches added that he’s seeking a full Congressional investigation.

Although the handwritten lawsuit is hardly legible, Forbes says it is evidently meant to be taken seriously.

According to Fox 13 Memphis, Riches is apparently known in Munford for filing bizarre lawsuits.