Indulge yourself at Cook's Cake Decorating & Candy Supplies in West Allis

WEST ALLIS -- Every now and then, we just have to indulge ourselves a bit. Brian Kramp finds ways to do that -- and on this day, he made his way to Cook's Cake Decorating & Candy Supplies in West Allis.

About Cook's Cake Decorating & Candy Supplies (from website)

Grandma (Elaine) Cook cherished the smiles on the faces of her children when she made beautifully decorated birthday cakes. She believed that everyone, and certainly her children, "deserved a nicely decorated Birthday Cake". Based on this conviction, she decided to take classes to learn the art of cake decoration. This opened the door to a lifelong passion and a thriving business endeavor that has grown into a retail business and a wholesale distribution business as well.

The main retail location is Cook's Cake Decorating and Candy Making Supplies, located in West Allis, WI . Cook Specialty, the wholesale distribution part of the business, has its offices and warehouse in West Allis, WI also. The Online store, "virtual location", has made Cook;s supplies and helpful recipes and expertise available nationally and internationally to hobbyists and cake and candy artists.