Independent investigation to look into Brown Deer P.D.

BROWN DEER -- An independent investigation into the Brown Deer Police Department is being launched after it was discovered they had 20 interactions with Radcliffe Haughton. The head of the Brown Deer Police Commission tells FOX6 there will be a new set of eyes to look over some of the controversial run-ins that police had with Haughton. Many are wondering why none of these interactions resulted in criminal charges. Haughton is the man who killed three women, and injured four others during a mass shooting at Azana Salon & Spa in Brookfield.

Brown Deer police responded to a call in 2011 to the Haughton residence. An officer says he may have seen a gun pointed at Zina Haughton, but no arrest was made. Incidents like this have many questioning if the Brown Deer Police Department could have prevented Radcliffe from killing his wife and two other women during a mass shooting in Brookfield.

Village of Brown Deer Police Commission President Jim Jiracek says an outside group is looking into the Brown Deer Police Department, and adds that he welcomes the investigation. "The public entitled is 100% transparency," he said.

It's unclear who is conducting the independent review of the police department's interactions with the Haughtons. During a news conference Brown Deer Police Chief Steven Rinzel said, "If somebody thinks that because we would have arrested him in January of 2011, that would have made a difference. I'm not sure."

Chief Rinzel says Zina Haughton was insistent with officers her husband did not own weapons, and she did not fear her life.

Jiracek says he's standing by the chief, but the investigation could change that in the future.

While the Brookfield mass shooting brought criticism to the Brown Deer Police Department, Jiracek says there have been no formal complaints of misconduct filed against the department.

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