Increase your chance of survival in an "active shooter" situation

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- We all need to be ready in case of an "active shooter." Now, there's a class you can take to increase your chance of survival.

Michael Wright and his team at Southeast Tactical LLC hope to spread the skills necessary to survive when disaster strikes.

"To take the average citizen and get them prepared to do not-so-average things, so we start out with working on the mindset and demystifying trauma," said Wright.

Those are skills Donna Gesch sees the value in having.

"I am a dispatcher and EMS instructor," said Gesch.

Gesch is one of about 20 participants in an active shooter training class Southeast Tactical held on Thursday, March 20th. She's obviously had some emergency training -- but was still more than happy to sign up for the course.

"These incidents are coming up more often than we'd like," said Gesch. "So I think as a private citizen, we need to have the preparation and exposure to what we can do to help ourselves and our families."

This is the first course they've offered to the general public. Wright says his team is trying to help ordinary people bridge the gap between the time of trauma and the arrival of emergency crews.

"In the world of emergency medicine, the golden hour starts with a golden second. And so while we're coming within ten minutes or so or whatever the case may be, that first ten minutes those golden seconds are actually the most valuable time in your life," said Wright.

Wright says his course costs $50 per person. For more information, CLICK HERE.