In need of a home: Cats that survived Beirut explosion now in Milwaukee

The explosion in Beirut earlier this year killed hundreds of people and left thousands of others hurt. It also injured countless animals in the area. Now, some of those animals are in Milwaukee looking for a home. 

Three-year-old Chocolate is a cat that loves people. 

"All the cats that we rescued are very, very loving. All they need is a new home," said Katy McHugh, owner Sip & Purr Cat Café.

Chocolate is now at the Sip & Purr Cat Café in Milwaukee -- looking for her forever home. A place far from her former home. 

Video shows the moment she was rescued after the explosion in Beirut. 

"She was very injured. They didn’t think she was going to make it. She did. She’s missing an eye now, but she’s super adorable," said McHugh.

Chocolate is one of 20 cats owner Katy McHugh rescued from Lebanon. She also rescued six-month-old Lulu. The process to bring the cats to Milwaukee is a complicated one. 

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"Complicated is an understatement. First of all there were a lot of COVID-19 protocols. We had to have a COVID-19 test that expired within a certain amount of time. Once we got over to Lebanon, the airlines had just changed their policies for traveling with animals, so we had navigate a brand new policy," said McHugh. 

Despite the challenges, McHugh was determined to give these survivors a second chance. 

"I know that if Sip and Purr didn’t take these cats, there was no hope for them. All the cats that were rescued, that we take into our international adoption scholarship program, Sip and Purr is the end of the line for them. All other resources abroad have been exhausted before they come to us," said McHugh. 

The cats will stay in foster care for the next couple of weeks and then be available for adoption. 

Many of the cats now need additional medical care.