In custody: U.S. Marshals say Lamont Smith has a pattern of "unpredictable behavior"

MILWAUKEE -- A look back at the life of 64-year-old Lamont Smith begins in Chicago, Illinois. Agents describe him as a career criminal with a pattern of what agents call “unpredictable behavior” that began in 1971, when Smith was 19.

Smith's crimes ranged from aggravated battery, armed robbery and rape. In 1983, his backdrop would no longer be the windy city but a prison cell. He was convicted of rape/armed robbery/home invasion. He was sentenced to 27 years behind bars. Smith was on parole in 1996 then discharged in 2001.

That year Smith traveled to Milwaukee for a funeral. His impulses soon lead him to commit a December armed robbery at a store on 52nd and center. He implied he has a weapon and demanded a worker follow him in the back room.

Smith asked her if she “liked her life” and again implied he had a weapon behind his back. He injured the employee when she tried to call 911. Smith took off with an unknown amount of cash inside the victim’s purse. He was later caught and sentenced to serve 13 years in prison and was also given 12 years of extended supervision. In 2014, he was released on parole.

Agents say he stopped reporting to his parole officer in early 2017. His activities are now unknown. Because of his criminal past Marshals say he is danger to the general public.

    All known addresses have been checked with negative results.

    Agents say their priority is the safety of civilians, but they also want to keep those repaying their debts to society on the right tracks of justice.

    Days after he was profiled on FOX6 News, Smith turned himself in because he didn't know that the "feds" were looking for him.