In Chicago, Governor Walker responds to attack from Trump: "I'm gonna tell people what I'm for, not what I'm against"

CHICAGO -- Governor Scott Walker's presidential campaign brought him closer to home on Monday, July 27th. A day-long trip across Illinois ended in Chicago -- where Walker addressed attacks by Donald Trump, and talked about changes he has in mind for the federal government.

Chicago's iconic Billy Goat Tavern opened its doors for Governor Walker on Monday.

Walker said he has no harsh words for fellow Republican candidate for president Donald Trump, who says Walker's policies are failing in Wisconsin.

"Donald Trump can speak just fine for Donald Trump. I`m not gonna talk about Donald Trump or anybody else in this race. I`m gonna tell people what I`m for, not what I`m against," Walker said.

Walker will talk about Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner, a Republican who's modeled himself after Walker and is currently in a budget stare-down with a legislature controlled by Democrats.

"I hope he stays firm and gets the people of the state of Illinois on his side. I think people in this state, be they Democrat or Republican, understand you`ve gotta get your finances under control," Walker said.

Walker told reporters that as president, he would take power away from the Environmental Protection Agency and transfer it to the states -- adding he would do the same with other departments too.

"I would take education, workforce development, major portions of the federal government and send it back to the states where it`s more effective, more efficient, and definitely more accountable," Walker said.

As for accountability, Walker doesn't believe his role in the effort to limit access to public records in Wisconsin will hurt his presidential bid.

"No. Our record`s much more transparent than this president right now. I just think we`re just fine going forward," Walker said.

Illinois, of course, is a very blue state, so why did Governor Walker campaign there? He said Illinois is crucial to the Republican race, as the Land of Lincoln holds its primary on March 15th, as does Missouri and North Carolina -- making for what Walker says will be a very important day for his campaign.

Governor Walker will be in Pennsylvania Tuesday, July 28th as he completes the final phase of an ambitious, three-week announcement tour. Walker will make two stops in Philadelphia to meet with voters, activists, and local leaders as he continues to share his message as a fighter and a winner with a proven record of reform in Wisconsin.


Gov. Scott Walker campaign stop

1:15 PM EDT

Pat's King of Steaks
1237 E. Passyunk Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19147

Gov. Scott Walker campaign stop

1:45 PM EDT

Geno's Steaks
1219 S. 9th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147