"In and out relatively quick:" 4 thieves ransack 7 vehicles in 8 minutes at Brown Deer Walmart

BROWN DEER -- For years, police have been suggesting drivers avoid keeping valuables in their vehicles if possible. Surveillance cameras captured quick criminals at the Walmart located in Brown Deer, as well as Uihlein Soccer Park located in Milwaukee on Monday, February 20th.

Brown Deer vehicle break-ins

"It is a very fast crime. They're in and out relatively quick," said Officer Nick Andersen with the Brown Deer Police Department.

The thieves were not too quick for surveillance cameras.

"As far as the security cameras show, they were in the lot for eight minutes and they hit seven cars with four people, so you know it's a matter of seconds. They're in and out of each vehicle," said Andersen.

Video shows around 11:45 p.m. Monday night in the Walmart parking lot located on Brown Deer Road, an early model red Chevy Blazer, and four suspects who allegedly broke into seven vehicles in eight minutes.

Brown Deer vehicle break-ins

"It's more common that they hit more than one vehicle while they're in a parking lot, and if they feel more comfortable with their surroundings and they don't feel as though they're being viewed by anybody, they'll hit as many as they can before they think it's time to get out of there," said Andersen.

Brown Deer vehicle break-ins

But sometimes, the thieves are being viewed.

"We had eight broken into Monday night," said Alvaro Garcia-Velez, with the Milwaukee Kickers Soccer Club.

At Milwaukee's Uihlein Soccer Park, eight vehicles were broken into. Sunglasses and change were among the few items actually reported stolen.

Uihlein Soccer Park vehicle break-ins

Uihlein Soccer Park vehicle break-ins

"It didn't seem like they were looking for anything in particular. They were just going from car to car and breaking windows to see what they could find," said Garcia-Velez.

At this point, they would find that security cameras have been repositioned and security staffing increased in an effort to deter the delinquents.

"We'll do our best to ensure that our patrons are safe and feel safe when they come," said Garcia-Velez.

Milwaukee police are investigating the crimes at the soccer park. Police said it appears as though they may involve the same red Chevy Blazer. The SUV had what Brown Deer police described as a "broken or burnt out driver's side headlight and a light-colored sticker on the passenger side rear window."

If you recognize the Blazer or have any information which may help, you're encouraged to call police.