"Important to remember:" Ceremony marking 100 years since US involvement in WWI

MILWAUKEE -- One hundred years ago Thursday, April 6th, the United States officially entered what would later come to be known as World War I.

Wood National Cemetery honored that day as part of a nationwide ceremony.

At the official World War I monument in Kansas City, 3,000 people took part in the day-long observance titled "in sacrifice for liberty and peace."

The foreman of the Wood National Cemetery says even though this war started a century ago, it shouldn't be forgotten.


"It's very important to remember and recognize all the veterans present or past that have given their life to this country in service to this nation," Bill Janowski, Wood National Cemetery foreman said.

More than 17 million people, both military and civilian, were killed during World War I.

About 116,000 of them were Americans.