"I'm taking action:" Increase in security at Home Run Heaven two weeks after chaos following concert

RACINE -- Security was stepped up in a big way at Home Run Heaven in Racine. The facility hosted its first event since several were arrested back on June 7th -- following a concert at the venue.

A Milwaukee man and his son were criminally charged after chaos erupted outside a concert on Sunday night, June 7th. The incident ended with five people arrested, a few people tased, and 17 squads from different agencies responding to the scene.

35-year-old Luis Dorantes of Milwaukee faces two counts of misdemeanor battery, one count of disorderly conduct and one count of resisting an officer.

17-year-old Luis Torres of Milwaukee faces one count of disorderly conduct and one count of resisting an officer. Torres is Dorantes' son.

"I want everybody to know what happened did not happen inside of our event. It actually happened when police came into contact with the people who were leaving from here," said owner Israel Vargas.

Home Run Heaven

On that Sunday evening, the facility was hosting a rodeo and concert. Several altercations broke out afterward. Vargas says it began after the event had ended -- and a patron (Luis Dorantes) refused to leave.

"So then our security officers detained him and escorted him out toward the front where he was going to be meeting a police officer," said Vargas.

Officials with the Racine County Sheriff's Office say Luis Dorantes, who was partially handcuffed, had an altercation with a security guard -- and deputies eventually used a taser to subdue him.

"The rest of the spectators leaving the event felt that was inhumane and they reacted to the reaction of the police officer," said Vargas.

Several fights then broke out. Deputies used a taser on a few other people -- and five people were arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and obstructing an officer.

Vargas says he had six off-duty police officers and 26 security guards at the Sunday event -- which he says is well above normal. Vargas says next time he'll have sheriff's deputies and police officers on hand outside the grounds as an added measure.

Luis Dorantes

A criminal complaint filed against Luis Dorantes indicates a security officer told Racine County Sheriff's officials he had been punched in the left eye by Dorantes after he tried escorting Dorantes from the premises. The security officer told officials he had advised Dorantes he could not bring his beer with him.

Dorantes was tased as officials worked to take him into custody. This, after the complaint indicates he refused to follow officers' commands.

The complaint indicates a second security officer was taken to the hospital with injuries sustained during the altercation.

Sheriff's officials spoke with that security officer, who advised that Dorantes had been trying to fight another person and security officers broke them apart before it got physical. The security officer said Dorantes continued to give the other party "looks," so security officers decided to escort him out. The security officer told Sheriff's officials Dorantes hit him in the face with a closed fist.

As he and others worked to take Dorantes into custody, the security officer says Dorantes "resisted with extreme force," and the security officer struck his head on a metal fence post.

Dorantes was eventually taken into custody with the help of Racine County Sheriff's officials and the use of the taser.

Luis Torres

The complaint filed against 17-year-old Luis Torres indicates Torres tried to intervene as security officers were fighting with his father. One security officer told Sheriff's officials he saw Torres fighting with two other security officers so he stepped in to pull Torres off his co-workers. Torres then began fighting with that security officer, according to the complaint.

The security officer who was able to pull Torres off his co-workers told officials as he was escorting Torres to a nearby squad car, Torres threatened to kill him and the other officer with them.

Torres was transported to the Racine County Jail.

This weekend, the increased security was noticeable as the venue hosted a rodeo.

"A lot more patrolling," Isavel Cardenas said.

Cardenas visited Home Run Heaven also known as Plaza El Diamente on Sunday, June 21st with her twin sister for the rodeo.

"The music, the event, the bulls are good. It`s a good time," Cardenas said.

Cardenas spotted some 21 private security guards on the grounds doing everything from performing pat downs to controlling the crowds.

"I`m taking action on what happened to make sure it doesn`t happen again," Vargas said.

Vargas says he is working with the Racine County Sheriff's Office to provide even more security to ensure there aren't any problems when the rodeo closes.

"They will be coming out to assist us at the end of the night. We want to make sure that stays an isolated event," Vargas said.

As for Dorantes and Torres -- they're set to be in court in Racine County on July 14th for their initial court appearance.