"I'm screwed:" Former St. Francis teacher's aide convicted of sexually assaulting 2 boys

Kimberly Gersonde

WAUKESHA COUNTY -- A former teacher's aide is a convicted felon after reaching a plea deal in a sexual assault case.

24-year-old Kimberly Gersonde on Wednesday, October 25th pleaded no contest to two charges -- two counts of sexual assault of a student by school staff. Four other charges were dismissed as a result of the plea deal.

Gersonde will be sentenced on December 13th.

The former St. Francis School District teacher's aide is now convicted of sexually assaulting two 16-year-old boys.

According to a criminal complaint, on May 25th, police met with a student at Menomonee Falls High School, who indicated he met Gersonde in the fall of 2015 when he was picking up his brothers from Ben Franklin Elementary School. He said Gersonde was involved with a 4K Wrap Around program, and employed by Kids Inc. to provide care for elementary school students after school.

On that day, the victim told police Gersonde gave him a sticky note with her phone number on it, and they then communicated by phone in the fall of 2015 and spring of 2016. He noted they would also spend time driving around in Gersonde's car -- telling police she would sometimes pick him up from a Park and Ride on Good Hope near 45. He said they would kiss, and told police "nothing sexual happened until August of 2016."

Prosecutors say Gersonde moved into a new apartment in Menomonee Falls, and the victim said he began going over to her house, and he "would occasionally spend the night over there." He told police they had sex at least twice in August, once in September, and once in October. He indicated in all, they had sex "at least nine times" after Gersonde moved into her apartment. The victim said he was a "willing participant, even though he was 16 at the time," and Gersonde was 23.

Kimberly Gersonde

According to the complaint, the victim indicated he "attempted to break up with her but it was difficult and she began to continually pester him and call/text him constantly." He eventually had to block her number.

A second victim, a student at St. Francis High School, was interviewed on May 18th. He told investigators he had sex with Gersonde at her Menomonee Falls home beginning on or around April 29th.

According to the complaint, this victim and Gersonde met in March during study hall. The victim said Gersonde was employed to watch students during study hall and the lunch hour.

Kimberly Gersonde

After meeting, the victim told investigators he and Gersonde began to email and communicate via Twitter, and he said Gersonde expressed interest in attending his track and football practices. On or around April 29th, the victim indicated Gersonde attended his football tryout and waited for him in her car. She kissed him, he said, and "promised to send him her address."

Prosecutors say he went over to her home later that night and spent the night with her, and he said they had sex.

They continued to communicate after that, he said, and on or around May 5th, he and Gersonde had sex again after a track meet at her home in Menomonee Falls. This victim was 16 years old at the time.

The criminal complaint includes incriminating text messages alleged to have been sent by Gersonde and the victim, including this exchange:

Gersonde: "They questioned me and I said 'I'm done doing this,' so I'm meeting with my lawyer tonight and I said 'I quit' today. I'm under investigation."

Victim: "Did you delete the stuff?"

Gersonde: "Yes, but I think they can still check what's been deleted. I know I'm screwed. Maybe jail isn't the worst thing in the world."

The complaint notes that Gersonde was employed with the St. Francis School District on March 21st and resigned by email on May 19th.