"I'm on edge:" Renter warns others after he lets man claiming to be from We Energies into his home

GLENDALE (WITI) -- A Glendale man says he let a worker into his home, and soon realized that worker wasn't who he claimed to be. Now, the Glendale man is warning others by sharing his story.

Constantine Savagios and his family have a new security system after what happened to them last week. They say they believe the only reason the "worker" entered their home was to see whether there was anything to steal.

It was around 7:30 a.m. last Tuesday, December 2nd.

"It was early in the morning. I was disoriented. He said he was from We Energies and he needed to check the gas pipes," Savagios said.

Savagios, a stay-at-home father of a six-month-old girl let the man into his basement. He was only inside for about five minutes, but after he left, Savagios became suspicious.

"There was no We Energies truck. You know, there was nothing in the mail saying we will be in the area.  Everything is just going through my mind like 'wow, where was the notice?'" Savagios said.

We Energies confirmed the man who stopped by Savagios' home was not one of their employees.

"Just within the past week or two, we have seen a couple reports come in where customers have called saying that an individual has shown up at their home, claiming to be from We Energies when they really aren't," We Energies spokeswoman Cathy Schulze said.

Glendale police say they believe the man was casing the home for items to steal. They say what happened to Savagios appears to be an isolated incident.

"All our folks in the field, whether it's a contract worker or a We Energies worker, we do all have ID badges.  We are clearly identified they can look for a company car sometimes as well," Schulze said.

Savagios decided to install a security system after the man called his landlord asking for the home's lock box combination and asking when Savagios left for work.

"I'm very on edge right now because I don't know if he has a team or people, or if he's gonna do a home invasion or what's gonna happen," Savagios said.

We're told the man was wearing an orange jumpsuit and he was carrying a clipboard. He's described as a white man, about 6'1" tall -- in his 50s, with a bushy, gray beard and shoulder-length gray hair.

We Energies officials say if someone suspicious shows up at your door, ask them to stay on the porch while you call the company to verify there are indeed workers in your area.