"I'm looking for toy treasures:" America's Toy Scout wants to buy your old toys

BROOKFIELD (WITI) -- They're boxes and boxes of what may look like just a bunch of old toys, but for Lori Bongard and her father Tom Meyers they're all special gifts filled with countless stories.

"It's such fond memories of being a kid and my parents were so good to me and I had so much," said Bongard.

After sitting unused for decades, Bongard and her father decided it was finally time to part ways with her toys.

That's where Joel Magee can help out.

"I travel the whole country and I'm looking for toy treasures hidden in attics and closets and basements," said Magee.

Magee, also known as America's Toy Scout, pays people for their old toys, restores them, and then sells them to collectors.

"There's so many different toys and everybody is looking for one of them because it is somebody's memory," said Magee.

Toys typically start becoming valuable when they're at least 30 years old.

"The 70s and we're sneaking into the 80s now of course with Star Wars, Transformers, and Masters of the Universe is starting to get real popular," said Magee.

Magee actually started this career when he became a collector himself, after feeling nostalgic when he spotted a memento of his childhood.

"Across the room I saw a GI Joe lunchbox that I had as a kid and I ran over to the table to look at it and I literally was transported back to my childhood," said Magee.

His search continues for his own toys and toys for countless collectors, while helping others say goodbye to the past.

"We're glad that someone wants them as much as we did," said Bongard.

America's Toy Scout will be at the Marriott Courtyard Milwaukee at 16865 W. Bluemound Road in Brookfield October 29th and 30th from 9:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. to buy your old toys.

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