'I'm living because somebody gave:' Hundreds line up to donate blood after Christmas

MILWAUKEE -- The time between Christmas and the new year is one of the most scarce for blood donations, even as demand remains high. The American Red Cross held a blood drive on Wednesday, Dec. 26 in an effort to combat this.

"It is so important to donate. There are so many people in need of blood -- all types," said Lennie Mosley, blood donor. "I give blood every eight to 10 weeks. I sponsor blood drives at my parish."

Giving blood is a big deal, especially for Mosley.

Lennie Mosley

"In 1996, I bled out from a bleeding ulcer," said Mosley.

It was an unexpected trip to the hospital that was almost Mosley's last.

"I died. The last thing I heard is, 'we're losing her. We're losing her,'" said Mosley.

After a donation from a stranger saved her life, Mosley now pays it forward.

"I'm living because somebody gave blood -- that I was able to continue to live," said Mosley.

On Wednesday, Mosley donated, alongside hundreds of others.

"I was going to get upset about having to wait so long, but then I thought, 'this is a good thing to have to wait, because so many people are giving,'" Mosley said.

The Red Cross looked to restock the coffers heading into 2019 with their end-of-the-year blood drive.

"We just started at 8:30, and we have donors waiting, which is a great thing to see," said Jessica Peterson, Red Cross. "It seems families are making this a traditions right after the holidays just to continue giving."

Saving someone's life can be as easy as sitting in a chair for no more than 20 minutes.

If you missed the blood drive, there are still opportunities to give.

CLICK HERE to find a blood center near you where you can donate.