'Ice cream is on us tonight:' New Brewers pitcher buys strangers $1,000 worth of food

MILWAUKEE -- Josh Lindblom has never thrown a regular-season pitch as a Milwaukee Brewer, but he certainly found a way to endear himself to the Milwaukee community in another way on Friday.

The Milwaukee Brewers signed Lindblom to a three-year contract in December 2019. Obviously, due to the coronavirus pandemic, fans have not had a chance to get to know the 32-year-old on the mound; he comes to the Milwaukee -- as former Brewers slugger Eric Thames once did -- by way of the Korean Baseball Organization.

As the saying goes: When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Well, when in Milwaukee, do as the Milwaukeeans do -- and that's what Lindblom did.

Lindbolm tweeted a photo Friday night, May 15 encouraging folks to head to the Kopp's location near 76th and Layton in Greenfield -- where he supplied some strangers with free treats up to $500. The generosity didn't stop there, though.

Later the same day, Buckley's restaurant in downtown Milwaukee tweeted that Lindblom and his wife also purchased $500 worth of meals for some lucky customers.