"I started from the ground up:" Wisconsin man builds his own 23-foot Transformer!

(CNN) -- Fans of the latest Transformers movie are getting a big thrill in Waushara County, Wisconsin. That's where a man has built his own life-like Transformer!

Just days after the opening of Transformers 4 -- fans of the movie are starting to descend on Archer Lane -- east of Wild Rose in Waushara County -- hoping to catch a glimpse of the 23-foot-high Transformer that George Edgren built from the remains of an Oldsmobile Alero.

"A friend of mine from work brought it up. He said 'you should build a Transformer.' I'm like 'I don't think so. It doesn't really seem to strike my fancy.' Then two to three weeks later, had the junk car, had a bunch of angle iron, bolt it to the concrete and started from the ground up," Edgren said.

The display hovers above Edgren's house -- and folks driving by stop for pictures and to ask questions.

It's a project Edgren says took about a month to complete.

"You've got your tires, and your fenders, random hoses to make it look functional," Edgren said.

Edgren says he is still working on a name for the Transformer.

At this point, he's taking suggestions on his Facebook page.

"He also looks like the Iron Giant, which is a movie that kids grew up with. He looks a lot like the Iron Giant, and he thinks he looks like Bumblebee which is his favorite Autobot," Edgren said.

For now, Edgren says he doesn't have any future plans for the giant Transformer.

"I just built it to catch attention, people pleaser, and after that I don't know. I'd sell it if it needed to be, but it never really crossed my mind too much," Edgren said.

CLICK HERE to visit Edgren's Facebook page.