"I raped several:" Milwaukee Co. GOP under fire for posting meme featuring Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy

MILWAUKEE COUNTY -- The New York Times on Wednesday, October 12th interviewed two women who claim Donald Trump touched them inappropriately. The Trump campaign said the report is false -- but this was another incident that has brought character into the presidential campaign -- on the same day the Republican Party of Milwaukee County called former President Bill Clinton a rapist on Facebook.

The post has since been taken down.

Within just a week's time, Republicans in Waukesha County came under fire for tweets about House Speaker Paul Ryan dis-inviting Trump to a GOP unity event in Elkhorn after audio surfaced of Trump making lewd comments about women, that some say were an admission of sexual assault.

Then, there was criticism after a Wisconsin staffer for the Hillary Clinton campaign posted to Twitter a graphic photo from a bachelorette party.

Now, the Republican Party of Milwaukee County is under fire after sharing a meme with its nearly 800 followers on Facebook.

Rep. Mandela Barnes

"I think it`s scary when the Republican Party of Milwaukee County is basically validating the behavior of Donald Trump," Rep. Mandela Barnes (D-Milwaukee) said.

Barnes said he wasn't surprised by the post, which went up on Tuesday night, October 11th.

"Hillary Clinton is her own candidate. Bill Clinton isn`t on the ballot," Barnes said.

The meme features Senator Ted Kennedy, who died in 2009, standing next to former President Bill Clinton. The caption under Kennedy reads: "I drowned a girl" -- referring to the 1969 Chappaquiddick incident where Kennedy left the scene of a fatal accident. Under Clinton is the caption: "I raped several" -- referring to allegations of sexual misconduct.

Meme posted to Facebook by the Republican Party of Milwaukee County

Meme posted to Facebook by the Republican Party of Milwaukee County

Clinton was never charged with rape, but the topic has disrupted his campaigning for his wife, Hillary.

This was Bill Clinton at a stop Saturday, October 8th in Milwaukee, after a member of the audience shouted that he is a rapist:

Bill Clinton in Milwaukee

The meme also reads: "Thank God we didn't talk dirty" -- responding to the leaked Trump tape.

Barnes said even though the post was offensive and misleading, Republicans should have kept it on their site.

"I think the Republican Party of Milwaukee County should remain true to themselves. Leave it up. This is what they accept and condone," Barnes said.

Meme posted to Facebook by the Republican Party of Milwaukee County

FOX6 News made multiple attempts to contact officials from the Republican Party of Milwaukee County.

A volunteer in their office made contact with one leader, and we were told the post would come down as soon as they were able to figure out which administrator posted it.

The meme was removed around 7:00 p.m. Wednesday.