'I need it as soon as I can:' West Allis woman uses billboard to find kidney donor

WEST ALLIS -- A West Allis woman believes in the kindness of strangers. She has to -- because a stranger is the only one who can save her life.

Jessica Wickersheimer

Tattooed on her --  the word "fearless" describes how Jessica Wickersheimer lives, and all that she has survived.

"If I get a kidney, this will be my fourth transplant," said Wickersheimer.

The West Allis woman received her first transplant in 2003 -- to replace her kidneys destroyed by juvenile diabetes. Her body rejected the transplant -- and the next one.

Jessica's third was successful -- until last year when she came down with a blood disorder.

"I take probably 50 pills a day," said Wickersheimer.

Jessica Wickersheimer

Doctors got Wickersheimer's disease under control, but not in time. She needs another donor kidney, and the clock is ticking.

The arteries needed to attach a donated organ to Wickersheimer's body are hardening.

"I need it as soon as I can, because five to six years on a waiting list won't be good for me. They won't be able to operate," said Wickersheimer.

None of Wickersheimer's family or friends is a match. She's counting on a stranger.

Friends raised money to rent a billboard along I-94 -- hoping to find a match among the motorists.

Wickersheimer's billboard went up on Monday, Aug. 27, just in time for an estimated 150,00 visitors to Milwaukee to see it.

Jessica Wickersheimer

"For the Harley 115th anniversary, I knew a lot of people would be coming into Milwaukee and I wanted it out there for that reason," said Wickersheimer.

The volunteer will be added to the local donor list for Wickersheimer and others whose lives depend on a transplant.

Whether it's on two wheels or four -- Wickersheimer is hopeful someone answers her call for help.

Wickersheimer's donor needs to have type O blood and be in good health.

To find out if you are a match, CLICK HERE.