"I map out everything:" Shoppers hit the stores to nab Black Friday deals

Black Friday shopping

MILWAUKEE -- Thanksgiving meals are packed away and it's time for the next holiday weekend tradition: shopping. Black Friday deals are in full swing at retailers across our area.

Sometimes the waiting is cold but calculated.

"I know exactly where it is in the store; first aisle, third bin," said Dawn Olszewski, shopper.

The Olszeskis aren't the only ones planning their attack at Toys 'R Us.

Black Friday shopping

Black Friday shopping

"I map out everything, every store before we go shopping," said Dawn.

Once they're in -- along with dozens of others -- it's just their first store.

"Last year, we stayed out until 9:00 a.m. shopping and then we went home and took a long nap," said Allie Olszewski.

Shoppers working to get their hands on the deals.

"My son is obsessed with Thomas and it's 150 for $74 so that's a deal...and then I got my daughter some stuff with Barbies and it's a full set for like $25," said Andrea Vargas, shopper.

Black Friday shopping

Black Friday shopping

Gifts for the animal lover or for family -- but sometimes it's not just about the gift.

"It's fun to people watch but it is nice to meet a lot of really neat people, people you don't know and have something in common with and we all laugh and joke around," said Dawn.

Some other hot items at Best Buy this year, smart items for your home, light bulbs and the Echo. The most surprising item managers told FOX6, is how many large televisions are going out the door.