'I just love America:' Massachusetts man turns lawn into American flag for Fourth of July

NORWOOD, Mass. -- Seeing patriotic displays is not uncommon on the Fourth of July.....one Massachusetts resident, however, went the extra mile to demonstrate his American pride.

"I just love America and the freedom and the opportunities it gives and I love to be creative," Arthur McCann said.

McCann spent two hours transforming the lawn outside his Norwood home into a large American flag.

"I'm like blown away that people stand on their cars to take pictures with their kids here," McCann said. "It's really rewarding for me. That is so cool."

He used his creativity skills and some tools, of course, to turn the green grass into a sea of red, white and blue. McCann stated he used stencils, field paint and a measuring tape to create the work of art.

"I have a Fourth of July party every year and the kids really enjoy it so I like to show them what you can do if you put your mind to it and just a little respect for the veterans and to remind you that there are still American patriots in this country," McCann said.

McCann contributed his patriotic family -- including his grandfather who serviced in WWII -- for playing a role into the motivation behind the display. He also dedicated it to veterans as well as active military members.