"I just couldn't believe how much I loved this dog:" Greyhound lovers gather for annual Gala

WAUKESHA (WITI) -- The dog days have finally arrived in Waukesha County! On Saturday, October 18th, the paws practically outnumbered the feet at the expo arena for an annual gathering of greyhounds.

Waukesha's expo arena was full of canine characters during the 20th annual Gala Greyhound Gathering.

"We call it 'chipping.' You often want another one cause greyhounds are like potato chips, you can't just have one," said Kim Good, with Greyhound Pets of America-Wisconsin.

So they had hundreds as the Greyhound Association of America-Wisconsin celebrates just about everything great about greyhounds.

"If you're not a greyhound owner, it's a great opportunity to be up close and personal with greyhounds. Just to see what they're like, and to meet people who definitely want to talk about their dogs," said Good.

Jacy Imilkowski is one of those people.

"I just couldn't believe how much I loved this dog. It was crazy! It was wonderful," said Imilkowski.

She says her love of the breed began at an event much like this one.

"When I went to a meet-n-greet one just came up and stood and leaned on me -- and I'm not exaggerating a little, I actually leaked a single tear and I was just like, I need to get one of these dogs," Imilkowski said.

Imilkowski did, and in doing so became part of what she says feels like a family -- which makes this annual fundraiser something of a family reunion.

"It's just a lot of excitement to see fellow greyhound lovers as well. Just getting together and bringing lots of great ideas, toys and things for greyhound lovers to just appreciate," said Imilkowski.

Meanwhile, in its 25th year, the association appreciates all the attention anticipating it will encourage additional adoptions.

"They are great pets, they require very little exercise, they don't bark. They do 'roo' on occasion, which is kind of like a howl, but only when encouraged," said

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