"I don't want you to get hurt:" Facebook post written by Georgia lieutenant after traffic stop goes viral

GARDEN CITY, Georgia --  A Facebook post written by a white police officer who had recently pulled over a black man for texting while driving has gone viral.

Garden City Lieutenant Tim McMillan writes he pulled over the man and when he approached his vehicle, the man was visibly shaken and seemed terrified. The man asked McMillan what he wanted him to do.

McMillan told the man that he just didn't want him to get hurt.

The man asked if McMillan wanted him to exit the vehicle and McMillan told him no and that he didn't want him to text and drive. He continued, saying he wanted his mother to, "always have her baby boy." He also told the man that he wanted him to grow up and be somebody.

McMillan also writes in the post that he doesn't care who is at fault for young black men being afraid of police officers but he wishes somebody would fix it.

The post has over 1,500 likes and has been shared over 700 times.

Many people have sounded off around the world, including Girlie Waaka in New Zealand, who commented "I live in New Zealand and your heart warming story has given me a little more faith in humanity. We only hear all of the bad things that are going on in the world, I wish there were more people like you out there Lt. Tim McMillan, you are truly a hero...God Bless you & your family."