"I am so excited:" Freshmen to move into residence halls on Marquette University campus

MILWAUKEE -- A time-honored tradition is underway at Marquette University. On Thursday, August 24th more than 2,000 freshmen will begin calling Milwaukee home when they move into residence halls on the Marquette University campus.

Whether they've studied it or not, these incoming freshmen are taking a crash course in change.

"Got a lot of advice about teachers and about classes," said John Alvarez, freshman.

On Thursday, the university staff is doing their best to guide the glass of 2021 through it all.

"Have everything organized, being organized the first couple days is really important so you don't accidentally leave something behind," said Brea Brennan, orientation staff.

Of course, making the move to Marquette is made a little easier for John Alvarez, who has a source on the inside.

"I toured up here because my sister went here freshman year," said Alvarez.

Ziyang Fu is making his post high school pilgrimage from China -- braving a 27-hour flight and a taste of things to come.

"Great and freezing, Milwaukee is so cold," said Ziyang Fu.

The new school year also marks the final year of service of the ever popular McCormick Hall.

"I am so sad, I love McCormick," said Marah Killian, orientation staff.

McCormick Hall opened in 1968 but next year will be replaced by the Wild Commons, going up at 17th and Wells.

Marquette's incoming freshmen class represents 40 states, 27 countries, and two U.S. territories.

Orientation activities will last all week. Classes begin Monday, August 28th.