"I am going to shoot you:" Two men federally indicted after attempted carjacking in Greenfield

GREENFIELD -- Two Milwaukee men have been federally indicted in connection with an attempted carjacking that occurred at 76th and W. Layton in Greenfield on August 12th.

Devonte Hayes

19-year-old Devonte Hayes and 18-year-old Norman Howard have been charged with one count of attempted motor vehicle robbery and one count of brandishing a firearm in furtherance of a crime of violence.

A criminal complaint in this case says on August 18th, around 4:15 a.m., a woman was driving a vehicle westbound near Layton Avenue and 76th Street in Greenfield, when she slowed down because a stop light had turned red. That's when another vehicle swerved in front of her vehicle and came to a stop.

Then, the complaint says someone got out of the front passenger door of the vehicle -- and approached the woman's vehicle. The woman indicated she noticed the person was carrying a handgun.

The woman's window was partially down when the armed individual first asked for directions -- but soon told the woman to exit her vehicle.

The complaint indicates the armed individual said: "I am going to (expletive) shoot you" before reaching into the partially closed window. The armed individual was eventually able to open the driver's side door of the vehicle -- and he then told the woman to move over and get out.

The woman wasn't able to move because her seatbelt was on -- and the complaint indicates the man then grabbed and shoved her -- leaving marks on her body. The woman then began honking the vehicle's horn in an attempt to draw attention to what was happening.

The suspect then got back into the vehicle he came from, and the vehicle sped away -- heading eastbound on Layton Avenue at a high rate of speed.

A Greenfield police officer on patrol near 5300 W. Layton Avenue observed the suspect vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed (approximately 78 miles-per-hour in a 35 miles-per-hour zone). The officer began following the vehicle, and learned it had been reported as stolen through the Oak Creek Police Department on August 12th.

As the Greenfield police officer was following, the complaint indicates the speed of the suspect vehicle increased to approximately 95 miles-per-hour. When the officer activated his emergency lights and sirens, the squad reached the speed of 103 miles-per-hour in order to keep up with the suspect vehicle.

Other marked squad cars joined this pursuit.

The suspect vehicle eventually struck a curb near W. Layton Avenue and 27th Street, and the suspect vehicle's driver nearly lost control.

Near 9th and W. Layton, the complaint indicates the suspect vehicle attempted to weave in between a semi and another vehicle -- and the suspect vehicle struck both vehicles, but it was able to continue its flight from police.

Near 7th and W. Layton, the suspect vehicle began to slow -- but before it stopped, an officer observed the driver's side door swing open, and the driver attempted to jump from the moving vehicle.

Then, an officer noticed two males fleeing on foot.

A foot pursuit began, and Devonte Hayes was taken into custody first.

Norman Howard was taken into custody with the help of a K-9 officer who tracked him to a garbage can.

The complaint says in addition to the suspect vehicle involved in the pursuit having been reported as stolen on August 12th, the suspects were also involved in that attempted armed carjacking that took place moments before the pursuit ensued -- near 76th and W. Layton Avenue.

An officer recovered a black, .45 caliber revolver inside the suspect vehicle. It was loaded with five bullets and one spent shell casing.

As for the theft of the vehicle from Oak Creek, the complaint indicates investigators learned shortly before 11:30 p.m. on August 12th, a woman had parked her vehicle at a store on S. 27th Street, and while she was outside her vehicle, two males approached her and struck her in the right eye -- causing swelling and bruising. She was then thrown to the ground, and the suspects took her vehicle.

If convicted, each man faces up to 15 years in prison on the motor vehicle robbery count and a minimum mandatory sentence of seven years and up to life in prison on the charge of use of a firearm during a crime of violence.

This matter is being investigated by the FBI’s Milwaukee Area Violent Crimes Task Force, the Greenfield Police Department, the Oak Creek Police Department, the West Allis Police Department, and the Milwaukee Police Department. It is being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney Margaret B. Honrath.