"I am going to die today for sure!" Police say "no evidence" attack of Muslim woman was hate crime

MILWAUKEE -- More than two months after a Muslim woman was attacked on Milwaukee's south side, police say there is no reason to believe she was targeted due to her faith, and there's no evidence of a hate crime. However, religious leaders aren't convinced.

New police reports indicate the victim herself said it wasn't her faith, but her family that might be to blame for an attack that left her bruised and bloodied.

On Tuesday, June 27th, her attorney said the victim is appalled by the police report, saying an interpreter got things wrong.

It was an alleged attack involving an elderly Muslim woman.

"I said 'I am going to die today for sure!'" the victim said.

In early April, as she walked home from morning prayer near 13th and Layton, she was beaten and kicked.

"Then he bit me like animal," the victim said.

With blood-stained clothes, but nothing taken, members of her congregation at the Islamic Society of Milwaukee held a press conference days later.

Press conference after Muslim woman attacked

"All the evidence appears to indicate it was a hate crime," religious leaders said.

Religious and community leaders urged police to investigate the attack as a hate crime. But the new documents appear to show the crime may have had nothing to do with the woman's religion at all.

Press conference after Muslim woman attacked

Police reports obtained by the website "The Daily Caller" show the victim told police in April "she does not believe this was a random attack," and instead may be related to her "estranged daughter." The woman told police "her daughter had divorced, alienated her family and began a relationship with a woman." While she had no proof her daughter's girlfriend was responsible, she told police "this type of attack would be an example of the intimidation (the girlfriend) would use to keep people out of her daughter's life."

On Tuesday, in a statement, Milwaukee police said: "After a thorough and complete investigation, there is no evidence this is a hate crime."

The woman's attorney said not so fast!

Munjeb Ahmad

"She stated unequivocally that she didn't say that. She told me that she felt that the person who translated for her inserted that translator's opinion about what may or may not be the issue," Munjeb Ahmad said.

Ahmad said his client is adamant the police report is inaccurate. It's different from the story the woman told FOX6 News herself.

For example, the police report says the victim said: "The man who attacked her did not try to take her hajib." That's not what she told FOX6.

"I told him to fight him. I said 'don't take my hijab,'" the woman said.

Ahmad said she's convinced her family had no role in the attack.

Islamic Society of Milwaukee

"She's been unequivocal that she thinks this is a hate crime, and as I said, she never, at one point, thought that any of her family issues had anything to do with this attack," Ahmad said.

FOX6 News wanted to ask the woman some questions in an effort to clear this up. We could get the chance later this week. Officials with the Islamic Society said they don't regret that press conference, and they've said from the beginning they hope this isn't a hate crime, but that it's investigated as one, so nothing is missed.