Hunting Moon Pow Wow returns to Wisconsin Center: "Very proud of our culture"

MILWAUKEE -- A centuries-old Native American tradition returned to the Wisconsin Center over the weekend.

The Forest County Potawatomi's 13th annual Hunting Moon Pow Wow took place October 20th through the 22nd.

Hundreds of dancers and more than 20 drum groups performed for fans, with prize money for the top groups totaling nearly $100,000.

For many, the gathering signaled a revival of culture.

Hunting Moon Pow Wow

Ronnie Preston, San Carlos Apache

"What you'll see is people who are a very proud race and very alive and we are very proud of our culture. Our song, our dance,  our teachings, our children. They're our future. They're going to keep our language and our dancing, and they're going to keep everything you see here alive," Ronnie Preston, San Carlos Apache said.

The free event started Friday and wraps up Sunday night.

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