Humane Society: Neglected dogs weren't abandoned in dumpster as the man who delivered them claimed

BEAVER DAM (AP/WITI) — The Dodge County Humane Society says two neglected dogs brought to the shelter weren't abandoned in a dumpster as the man who delivered them had claimed.

Humane Society President Ryan Vossekuil says when police investigated the case of possible animal neglect, they found the man wasn't telling the truth.

He had claimed he found the small dogs in a dumpster behind a Beaver Dam grocery store earlier this week. Vossekuil says the man later told police he had actually gotten the dogs from a family member.

Following an investigation by the Beaver Dam Police Department, it appears the dogs' owners fell on hard times and were no longer able to care for the dogs, and they apparently didn't fully understand the services that the Dodge County Humane Society provides.

The dogs are a two-year-old poodle-Shih Tzu mix named "Chance" and an eight-year-old Lhaso Apso called "Lucky."

The dogs were discovered with dirty and matted fur -- and they have since been groomed. The dogs will soon be neutered and they'll receive their vaccinations as well as some much-needed dental work at the expense of the Dodge County Humane Society.

The Dodge County Humane Society says the dogs will soon be made available for adoption.

Dodge County Humane Society officials are reminding pet owners that the humane society is committed to the well-being of all homeless or unwanted animals -- and that anyone who is no longer able to care for or provide for their pet is welcome to bring them to the humane society -- where officials will not only care for their basic needs, but their medical needs as well.

The Dodge County Humane Society says this about Lucky and Chance: "They are friendly, wonderful dogs who will be looking for their forever families very soon. We are truly grateful for the support these dogs have received from Dodge County and beyond."