Human remains found in Nebraska may belong to 1 of missing Diemel brothers

HERSHEY, Neb. -- The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office in Nebraska says it has found human remains in the state, and they could possibly belong to one of the two missing brothers from Shawano County, Nick and Justin Diemel.

Deputies responded to a ranch south of Hershey, Nebraska (west of North Platte) on Friday, Nov. 15 when a rancher reported he found human remains inside a trailer he bought in Missouri. The rancher told deputies he found the remains inside a plastic tub that was filled with dirt.

Nicholas Diemel, Justin Diemel

Deputies confirmed the remains are human. A Facebook post by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office says deputies were able to ascertain the remains possibly belonged to one of two brothers from Wisconsin.

Investigators have not said why they believe the remains could be one of the brothers, only that personal items were found in the tub with the remains.

Caldwell County Investigators and Missouri State Police flew into Lincoln County later in the evening and picked up the remains.