Hulsey announces candidacy for governor: "Mary Burke is playing like the Bucks"

MADISON (WITI) — State Rep. Brett Hulsey has announced his candidacy for governor, forcing a Democratic primary against Mary Burke.

Hulsey says he has a plan to reinvest more than $2 billion to create clean energy jobs, increase job training and send more money to public schools, the University of Wisconsin System and technical colleges.

Hulsey has been in the state Assembly for four years and served on the Dane County Board for 14 years.

He runs an energy and environmental consulting business.

FOX6's Mike Lowe caught up with Hulsey inside the state Capitol on Monday, April 21st -- and asked him why he wants the job of governor.

"Actually, I don't want this job. This is next to the last job I would ever want. The last thing I want is four more years of Governor Walker," Hulsey said.

Hulsey has criticized Mary Burke -- saying she was "too chicken" to meet with President Barack Obama last February when he visited Wisconsin.

"I believe that Mary Burke needed Spring Training.  We saw what Spring Training did for the Brewers.  Unfortunately, Mary Burke is playing like the Bucks," Hulsey said.

Hulsey became a well-known figure at the state Capitol during the epic battle over Act 10.

"As you remember, I was there for 61 hours debating Gov. Walker's unfair attack on public workers, teachers and public servants," Hulsey said.

He is often outspoken and sometimes outlandish -- like when he broke through a line of cameras and commandeered the Governor's podium. Also -- when he had a public spat with a nine-year-old boy at a Madison beach, resulting in a disorderly conduct citation.

Hulsey also used his campaign fund to pay his fees for a triathlon and to buy his 1987 Volkswagen Cabriolet.

He drew attention when he used a box cutter in a 'self-defense demonstration" on one of his own staff members. He says he was drawing attention to the state's concealed carry law.

"Clearly, when you have Bill Kramer running around the Assembly floor with a loaded gun -- we've seen how much trouble he has keeping control of his gun," Hulsey said.

So how will Hulsey counter some of those who may say he could be a little too eccentric to run for governor?

"Remember, this is the state that elected Joe McCarthy and Gaylord Nelson. Wisconsin tends to like interesting politicians, but I'm running for governor -- not saint," Hulsey said.

Mary Burke's campaign has shrugged off the challenge, saying "Our focus remains squarely on Scott Walker."

Gov. Walker's campaign says "It doesn't matter who the nominee will be."

"I'm the regular guy running.  I make about the average salary in Wisconsin. I'm running against a millionaire, and then a billionaire backing Scott Walker," Hulsey said.

The recently divorced 54-year-old says he looks forward to meeting the voters.

"You know, I'm a single guy.  I have a red convertible.  I can't wait to travel Wisconsin," Hulsey said.