Huge Powerball prize created $11 million in property tax relief

MADISON -- The massive Powerball Lottery jackpot that has been growing since October 6th created more than $11 million in property tax relief for taxpayers in Wisconsin.

Officials say 40-cents of every Powerball dollar goes back to Wisconsin homeowners.

Lottery Director Mike Edmonds said in a news release on Friday, Powerball raises more revenue to offset property taxes than any other single game. It accounted for nearly 15% of the Lottery's record $547 million in sales in the fiscal year that ended June 30, and 22% of the $144 million those sales generated for tax relief.

Lottery retailers also earned $1.5 million in commissions for the tickets they sold during the jackpot run that ended Wednesday night.

Although there was no Wisconsin jackpot winner, the record run did produce three $1 million winners in the state and hundreds of other winners at lower prize levels.