'Huge milestone:' Couple celebrates 70th anniversary at senior living center in New Berlin

NEW BERLIN -- If you could have one thing, what would it be? For George, an Azura Memory Care of Oak Creek resident, it was to simply share a meal with his wife.

His wish came true on Tuesday, Jan. 14 at Castle Senior Living in New Berlin, thanks to the Azura MOSAIC Dreams Program and Castle Senior Living officials -- despite the fact that George and his wife, Alvina, live in different facilities now.

George and his wife, Alvina, celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary with their family, just as tradition always led them to.

George and Alvina

In a press release, Azura officials said the family would get together every year at a local restaurant to celebrate the love of George and Alvina. They were able to celebrate as they always have -- together, with family and a good meal, during this special event in New Berlin.

The release said the Azura MOSAIC Dreams Program is devoted to taking the dreams and best days of its residents and working to make them a reality, whether it is experiencing a past passion, doing something they have always wanted to do, or having a cherished tradition come to life again.

“We are honored to be able to plan special days like these for our residents, especially this huge milestone for George, Alvina, and their family,” said Cassandra Zimmer, marketing and social media coordinator for Azura Memory Care. “We know this will be a very special moment for them to keep on with their tradition and be able to share a meal together with their family.”