How safe are Milwaukee County public school athletic fields?

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- They're not the conditions that most parents want their children playing in, but some have no choice.

"We are here today to say to our children that you are all worthy of facilities that meet national standards," says Fair Play Co-Chair Reverend Carl Griffin.

Common Ground, a nonprofit that addresses social issues, released its Fair Play campaign inspection results.

Volunteers evaluated the 268 outdoor athletic facilities of public schools in Milwaukee County.

Fair Play officials say the results are disturbing.

"Unsafe bleachers where the supports were no longer resting on their concrete footings, backboards without hoops, play structures without proper cushioning underneath," says Fair Play Co-Chair Jennifer O'Hear.

35 sites are rated terrible, 59 are rated poor, and 81 are rated fair.

Organizers want to team up with schools and start a grassroots campaign to raise awareness and funds to improve these conditions for children.

"Our conservative estimate is that it will take $150 - $250 million to upgrade the terrible, poor, and fair facilities and bring them up to excellent," says O'Hear.

We did reach out to all 11 school districts highlighted in the report, they include schools in Milwaukee, Wauwatosa, South Milwaukee, Cudahy, Greendale, Greenfield, Nicolet, Oak Creek-Franklin Joint, Saint Francis, West Allis-West Milwaukee Districts.

Brown Deer was also on the list.

School District Superintendent Deb Kerr says "We're in the process of transformation and we value the access to quality athletic fields for educational purposes  as well as community recreation."

On the bright side, 60 outdoor athletic facilities are rated as good and 33 are rated as excellent.

Fair play officials are also hoping to team up with the BMO Harris Bradley Center.

The Fair Play campaign states that if public funds are raised to build a new Bradley Center arena, then at least $150 million or up to $250 million should be used to improve Milwaukee County public school athletic facilities.

A BMO Harris Bradley Center spokesperson says they are open to discussing this idea, but in the meantime they are focused on keeping the Bradley Center open.