How is Packers loss affecting businesses?

MILWAUKEE -- As much as Packers fans likely don't want to be reminded, the New York Giants took down the Pack at Lambeau Field on Sunday, ending the Packers season and the hopes that the Packers would become repeat Super Bowl champions in 2012. So how is, what many feel, is an early end to the Green Bay Packers season affecting businesses that were hoping more Packers contests this season would bring in more customers?

Michael Duda is the co-owner of Menomonee Falls based - the business that recently created and launched the Green Bay Packers CheeseMask. Duda says the Packers fan in him is disappointed after the Sunday's loss against the New York Giants, but the businessman in him has remained positive, thanks to continuing purchases of Packers gear.

"(Customers) are coming in here now for Super Bowl Champions items, because they realize, obviously, we're not going to go back-to-back, and they can still get some of that stuff," Duda said.

One Packers fan said shopping for Packers gear helps ease the blow of Sunday's loss a bit, and the early end to the Packers season many didn't think we'd see. "Takes your mind off the bad things that happened yesterday when you see all the good merchandise in here."

Meanwhile, therapy took a different form Monday at Rollie's in Milwaukee, where the Packers loss is bad for business. Sharon Andryauskas, a manager at Rollie's, says January and February are typically slow months for the business, but says the place was packed during Sunday's divisional championship game, and perhaps prematurely, the business was hoping to cash in on a couple more Packers contests. "People were looking forward to coming out and supporting the Packers, but unfortunately, when your home team isn't in it, the business isn't as good," Andryauskas said.

Still, inside Rollie's Monday, some persevering Packers fans shared smiles and what is, and will always be, a shared sentiment: "The Bears still suck!"