How in the world?! Cat from Sheboygan ends up in Naples, Florida!

SHEBOYGAN -- A cat from Sheboygan has quite the story to tell -- but we may never get to hear it.

"Nadia" was found in Naples, Florida after getting out of her home here in Wisconsin.


Michelle Richards took her in and put a picture of her on Facebook. There were no real leads as to where Nadia came from.

Richards then took the cat to the Humane Society to have the microchip checked.

It turned out that Nadia is owned by the Stocker family in Sheboygan.

"Christmas Eve day, which was a very windy day here in Sheboygan, our back door to the house blew open and the cat got out. We looked for her for days. It was the worst Christmas ever," Cheri Stocker said.

The Stockers have no idea how Nadia ended up in Florida. But they say they'd love to know!