How did they get in? Locker room thieves at two different high schools

GLENDALE (WITI) -- A breach in security. Lockers broken into, money and phones stolen from Nicolet High School.

The thieves weren't students, but criminals parents say were allowed to roam the halls.

Parents say two suspects entered the school through the main office. They're upset at the lack of security, and are looking for changes.

There is a lot to think about as a high school freshman.

"They're still trying to get used to things," said Brian Wilson, father of a student at Nicolet High School.

New classes and teachers -- but for Brian Wilson's son, there was an unexpected concern.

"I don't believe he's too shaken up about it," said Wilson.

On Tuesday, October 7th, while Wilson's son was in gym classes at Nicolet High School, two thieves rifled through his stuff.

"Went into the gym locker room and went through backpacks and lockers and so forth," said Wilson.

They stole his son's wallet and cell phone.

It's not the thefts that are upsetting to Wilson, but how police told him the criminals got into the school.

"Two suspects had signed in at the office, blended in with students, then left through a side exit," said Wilson.

Walking the halls, no one noticing until they were gone.

"They left one school and went right to another, driving a stolen car," said Wilson.

They ended up at Homestead High School, and did the same thing.

School officials there say, the suspects got into the school by way of a propped open door after school. Stealing items from a locker room. The suspects were caught on surveillance.

Wilson's son's phone was found later in the week.

"Material goods can be replaced," said Wilson.

Nicolet High School says they've reviewed security procedures and put additional measure in place.

"I'm more worried about the student safety, than I am a cell phone that I can replace," Wilson said.

It's unclear whether the two suspects were arrested. Both schools tell FOX6 News Glendale and Mequon Police are investigating.

Police did not return our calls today.