Hours before scheduled court hearing, West Bend man accused of egging Jackson squad

JACKSON -- Jackson police say a 19-year-old West Bend man was arrested early on Wednesday morning, February 24th, accused of throwing eggs at a vehicle during a traffic stop.

Around 12:30 a.m., an officer stopped a vehicle on Main Street in Jackson near the police station for a minor traffic violation.

Minutes later, the car was hit by eggs thrown from nearby.

Officers spotted the man behind a business, and chased him for about 15 minutes.

Police say he tried to hide behind buildings or in weeds before he was apprehended.

Police say because the suspect, who was intoxicated, expressed dislike for police, it is believed his intended target was the squad car stopped on Main.

He has been out on bond since February 1st after being charged with possession and abuse of hazardous substances, police say.

Ironically, police say he had a hearing scheduled for Wednesday afternoon in that case.

He was booked into jail Wednesday for bail jumping and resisting/obstructing an officer.