Hot temperatures equals a high risk for those living on the streets, but one man is stepping up to help

MILWAUKEE -- With temperatures and dew points expected to be way up there this weekend, for many areas it may feel like we are actually in the hundreds. That can be down right dangerous especially if you don't have a place to cool off.

In an unassuming building, it is an important resource on a hot day. It's where part of the Homeless Outreach Team is posted. But as FOX6 learned today, one of the most important parts of the job isn't inside the building, but on the streets.

As the temperatures go up, the risks are on the rise.

Officer Chad Stiles works to bring safety in the heat, he's part of the Milwaukee Police Department Homeless Outreach Program making sure those living on the streets are not forgotten.

"Stop in, bring them some water, see if they're interested in going into the shelter," said Stiles.

Friday, July 17th Stiles heads to a camp on the south side. Tucked away in a wooded area, Stiles checks in on two men.

"We're trying to check on how guys are doing with the heat," said Stiles.

Greg Nelson is one of the men, he's been homeless for the past four years.

"I look for the safest spots and where I can feel comfortable," said Nelson.

Nelson has been through extreme cold and scorching summers.

"I just take it day-by-day. That's the best way to put it," said Nelson.

Stiles leaves the men with supplies and lets them know about places to cool down. It is a resource Nelson is grateful for.

"It's a great feeling to be part of a society that actually has a big heart," said Nelson.

It's an already heated day, that is only going to get hotter.

But people like Stiles are there to make sure it is safe. Stiles is handing out water and reminding people to stay hydrated and not to underestimate the heat. It's something we can all listen to.

For a list of cooling shelters in the area, CLICK HERE.