Hot holiday tech toys

Tech toys are always a hot item during the holiday shopping season – here are four your kids will be sure to love.

Technology has always been a big part of the toy industry. Remember Teddy Ruxpin and Laser Tag?

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We recently chatted with Marissa DiBartolo, Senior Editor of The Toy Insider, to see some amazing tech toys your kids will love.

Luvabella/Luvabeau Interactive Toy Doll, $100

Kids will love caring for this lifelike baby doll, which comes in boy and girl options and various ethnicities. The toy was designed by puppeteers and the first thing you’ll notice is how lifelike the face is and the big, bold eyes.

Aura Drone with Glove Controller, $100

Drones are some of the hottest gifts out there this holiday season and this one won’t disappoint. You control this indoor-safe drone using a wearable glove controller. It also has auto takeoff and auto landing so kids ages 6 and up can quickly master flying.

DROPMIX Music Gaming System, $100

This is a brand new game from the makers of Guitar Hero. It’s a fun spin on making your own music and playing DJ. A gameboard connects to a tablet, which recognizes cards you place down. Each card represents a piece of a song, whether it’s drums, beats or vocals. Have fun just mixing music or enjoy competitive gameplay by making the best mix possible.


LEGO BOOST is tons of fun for kids because first and foremost, it’s a LEGO robot set you build. Then, once it’s done being built, you can control the robot using basic coding skills. Connect a tablet and kids can make the robot move, carry accessories, make hand gestures and launch darts.