Hospital spokeswoman: Suspect in attack that killed Froedtert nurse was former valet, fired in October

Kenneth Freeman

WAUWATOSA -- Charges have been filed in connection with the death of Carlie Beaudin, 33, a Froedtert Hospital nurse practitioner who died at Froedtert Hospital Friday, Jan. 25 after she was found trapped under a vehicle in a parking structure at the hospital. Her death was ruled a homicide.

Kenneth Freeman, 27, of Milwaukee, faces one count of first degree intentional homicide.

Below is a statement from a Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin spokeswoman:

"Today we learned additional details and the identity of the suspect in Carlie Beaudin’s tragic death. This is very difficult news, and our hearts go out to Carlie’s loved ones and colleagues.

The Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office has just filed first degree intentional homicide charges. We understand that Carlie was attacked in Froedtert Hospital Parking Area 5 and driven to Froedtert Hospital Parking Area 1, where she was found. The details included in the complaint are disturbing.

The suspect, Kenneth B. Freeman, has been identified as being formerly employed by a parking service provider as a valet on the Froedtert Hospital campus from January to October of 2018. Froedtert policies require that contracted employees from third-party vendors follow the same background checks required for direct employees. The parking service provider has confirmed that the suspect cleared the background check and that he was terminated for a non-violent infraction.

We remain vigilant about the emotional and physical safety of every person who works or studies at, is cared for by, or visits our campuses, clinics and hospitals. Safety is our top priority. We have made security enhancements, and we will continue to make improvements.

We will continue to take direction from law enforcement, and the situation will follow due legal process."

Carlie Beaudin

According to a criminal complaint, Beaudin was found under her vehicle in Parking Structure #1, with injuries to the head and face. She was taken to the emergency room, where she was pronounced dead. An autopsy revealed she suffered blunt force trauma to the head and neck, "with indica of manual strangulation."

A witness said he drove a skid loader to the top level of the structure to remove snow, and when he got to the top level, he discovered a vehicle "parked in a weird manner," with the front end up against a wall. He saw "a pair of legs" from under it, and attempted to use his intercom system to get help. He then called his boss, who contacted Froedtert security.

Homicide investigation at Froedtert Hospital parking structure

Investigators reviewed surveillance video from Parking Structure #5, which showed around 1 a.m., Beaudin exited the elevators on the second floor.

The complaint said Freeman was seen standing behind a concrete pillar, as Beaudin walked toward her vehicle. The video showed Freeman stepped out from behind the pillar and briefly spoke with Beaudin, who kept walking toward her vehicle. Freeman followed her, first walking and then running. He knocked her to the ground, and kicked or stomped her head and neck "almost 40 times," prosecutors said. He then dragged her from the camera's view toward her vehicle. The vehicle was then seen leaving the parking structure -- soon entering Parking Structure #1. The vehicle was observed going backwards once and then forwards, out of camera view, to the location where Beaudin was found, on the top level.

Freeman himself dialed 911, the complaint said. He reported he was involved in the death at Froedtert.  He was taken into custody, and found with Beaudin's purse, the complaint said.

Homicide investigation at Froedtert Hospital parking structure

In a statement to investigators, prosecutors indicated Freeman said "he deliberately and purely murdered Ms. Willia" and when asked for more details, he said "there isn't anything I want to talk about."

Officials with the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office initially said Beaudin was found trapped and partially frozen, under a vehicle, with deputies dispatched to the parking structure around 3:45 a.m. on Friday. She was pronounced dead at 4:21 a.m.

That morning, Nick Beaudin, Carlie's husband, said he woke up early.

"My dog was restless, because he doesn't sleep well unless we are both in bed. My morning was trying to find out where my wife was," said Nick Beaudin. "Gotta make sure that this goes through the process that will get a person in jail for as long as they possibly can."

Nick Beaudin

Outside of work, Carlie Beaudin was an accomplished singer with the Bel Canto Chorus. The director, Rick Hynson, spoke out about Beaudin's impact on Monday, Jan. 28.

Rick Hynson

"Her legacy will be the music that she made with us. She was a Coloratura soprano, and quite a fine singer. A high soprano. That's the part that usually carries the melodies, and so she'd be soaring up there with the angels, just as she is now. She's not another murder victim. She is a glorious person who left an incredible mark on so many people," "Carlie  was the type of person who would walk into a room and it would seem lighter and brighter and more welcoming. Carlie, I think who was so busy caretaking other people, would come to Bel Canto to have her soul fed," said Hynson.

Hynson said the music would go on in her memory.

"The emotions of loss and sadness and confusion as to why this would've happened, will all be brought together in the music that we make," said Hynson.

Carlie Beaudin

Online court records list $500,000 bail for Freeman. He was scheduled to make his initial appearance in court Tuesday, according to those records.