Horses seized from Pleasant Prairie farm nearly ready for adoption

PLEASANT PRAIRIE (WITI) -- Adoption applications are now being accepted for over two dozen horses seized from a Pleasant Prairie farm due to animal neglect. Wednesday, July 3rd was the day they were supposed to be ready for adoption, but legal issues have caused the date to be pushed back to next Monday, July 8th.

"It's all been one big, long journey. It's been wonderful to watch them come back from not even, you couldn't even call them horses," Rob Melby with Clawz and Pawz said.

The former owners of the Pleasant Prairie farm, David White and Paula Moctezuma could face prison time for animal cruelty which led to the death of 55 horses found in mass graves.

"The first three days are the most worry-some on a starving animal and they made it past that and from there it was nothing but good stuff," Melby said.

Melby has been caring for the animals and said getting the horses back to full strength has been a balancing act.

"You can actually kill them by overfeeding them. You just got to start slow amounts of stuff that's not so rich," Melby said.

Melby had to watch some closely. In particular, a horse named "Poseidon," whom he thought may not make it. Now, Poseidon's coat is shiny and he is at a normal weight. He is one of 23 ready for adoption.

"It went from a rescue to now taking care of horses that need a good home," Melby said.

While there's vast interest in the horses, the work is just beginning for other animals found neglected at the farm.

"I"m kind of worried about the goats, and the sheep, and the ducks, and the geese though -- haven't had too much interest in those guys lot different than horses I suppose," Melby said.

Clawz and Pawz is accepting applications for animal adoptions. Part of that process includes an inspection of the applicant's farm.