Homeowner watches live as burglars rummage through his home: "Full on adrenaline rage going"

FAIRHAVEN, Massachusetts -- A Massachusetts homeowner watched live as two men broke into his home. The burglary was live streamed via the homeowner's surveillance camera. That surveillance video helped police nab the suspects.

After the suspect smashed glass, it was a motion detector that alerted Damien Girard to the burglary at his home.

"I didn't think I would ever actually witness something like that happening," Girard said.

The security camera Girard installed after a previous crime allowed him to watch live on his phone as two men rummaged through his home. One even talked to his dog, Chloe.

"You want a treat? Come on, get a treat," the suspect is heard saying in the video.

Girard called police and rushed home.

The surveillance video shows police entering Girard's home during the burglary. They were able to arrest once suspect -- 28-year-old Brian Chandanais of Acushnet, Massachusetts.

The other suspect jumped out of a window and took off.

Girard chased the man along with police.

"I had full on adrenaline rage going. I don't want to be a victim again. I was mad," Girard said.

That second suspect, 29-year-old Jay Burtch, also of Acushnet, Massachusetts was also apprehended.

Sgt. Kevin Kobza with the Fairhaven Police Department said Girard's surveillance camera was a huge factor in catching these suspects.

"After this case I think I may get one myself," Kobza said.

Both suspects were charged with a number of crimes, including breaking and entering and vandalism.