Homeless man who saved lives after highway wreck given thousands of dollars, scooter

DENVER – A homeless man credited with saving lives during a massive crash on Interstate 70 in Lakewood, Colorado last month received thousands of dollarsworth of gift cards and a scooter.

Darin Barton was panhandling at the Denver West exit on April 25 when a semi-trailer slammed into more than two dozen vehicles, killing four people. Barton rushed to help rescue drivers.

Since the crash, KDVR and KWGN viewers have donated thousands of dollars worth of gift cards to Barton.

This week, the gift cards were delivered to First Baptist Church, which Barton regularly attends. Staff there will keep the cards safe and give them to Barton as he needs them.

Each gift came with a message from the person or family who sent it.

A driver who narrowly escaped the crash with his son wanted to recognize Barton. He worked with his employer, H.M. Brown and Associates, to donate a scooter to Barton.

"We are auto brokers, so we help people acquire their means of transportation," one employee said while giving Barton the scooter. "And so, we decided to pull some money together and give back, and we got you a little present."

Barton was shocked.

"That's the perfect color too!" he said of the red scooter.

The scooter was the only thing Barton specifically asked for; he wanted a way to get around more easily.