Homeless man hides out in ValuMarket, has overnight feast

(CNN) -- A bizarre incident at a Kentucky grocery store has prompted a more serious conversation about homelessness.

"We got dispatched on a gentleman trapped inside the ValuMarket that had apparently been there all night. It will be one of those stories we tell around the campfire for a while," Chuck Minor, the Assistant Chief of the Mount Washington, KY Fire Department said.

Police reports say Trevor Runyon hid in the ValuMarket until everyone left, and then feasted like a king -- eating steaks, shrimp, salad and a deli cake for dessert -- washing it down with a beer, a gallon of tea and a cigarette.

"It was unusual. We didn't know what to expect when we got there," Minor said.

Police say Runyon also inhaled the gas from 57 cans of Reddi Whip and soiled his pants, before he passed out in the rafters.

"That's a first for us on this department," Minor said.

A ValuMarket employee returned to work Monday and found the store awry. Surveillance video not only captured what happened, but revealed Runyon was still in the ceiling.

Police called the Fire Department -- fearing Runyon was too high to get down safely on his own.

"When we got him down he was cooperative with law enforcement," Minor said.

The police report doesn't just detail what was taken inside the store. It may also say why it happened. Runyon's address is listed as the city at large -- as he is homeless.

"A lot people say we don't have homeless in Bullitt County. Well, we absolutely do and this is a bad way to show that there are here, but they are," Carol Wieger with the Shepherd's Shelter said.

Wieger sits on the board for the homeless facility. She hopes this arrest can be a wakeup call.

"What I've been saying all along is we need more help more grant money more support the community than maybe we could have reached this man," Wieger said.