Homeless at Repairers of the Breach Labor Day picnic get job advice

MILWAUKEE -- Labor Day isn't just about grilling out and relaxing.  For one group, it was spent helping Milwaukee's most vulnerable -- creating a family environment for Milwaukee's homeless, and giving them avenues to find jobs.

"Having doors open and having avenues of possibility makes an enormous difference to people," Executive Director of Repairers of the Breach McCannon Brown said.

At the Repairers of the Breach Labor Day picnic Monday, it was all about creating a sense of family for the homeless. The focus was on jobs.

"We have blueprints for the future," Brown said.

It's a future those who attended the picnic are hoping to change.  Between the hotdogs and picnic tables, people provided needed job advice.

People like Wanda Jenkins shared their stories of moving from homelessness to employment.

"The message is to let people know to not give up," Jenkins said.

At the picnic, just one life changed was considered a success.

"Our approach to homeless outreach is family, connectedness and community," Brown said.

Repairers of the Breach serves about 100 people a day.  They are currently in the process of expanding their job resources.