Holmen senior spends nearly $500 to buy Valentine's roses for EVERY girl in his school, staff included!

HOLMEN -- Just call him Romeo!

A teenager in Holmen, Wisconsin wanted to make sure EVERY girl at his high school felt special on Valentine's Day -- so he spent nearly $500 to buy them all roses!

"A lot of people don't get flowers," Zack Peterson said.

On Valentine's Day, Peterson wanted to make sure his classmates didn't feel like they were alone.

"They get mad they don't get flowers, or sad they don't get flowers," Peterson said.

Peterson, a senior at Holmen High School had an idea.

"I am handing out roses to every girl the school," Peterson said.

After weeks of planning, hours of prep work and $450 later, he rolled into school on Tuesday, February 14th with a cart filled with hundreds of roses.

"They came in direct from Ecuador with two-day shipping," Peterson said.

"He's got the biggest heart. He doesn't do things for a reaction. He does them because he's truly, truly kind," Rachel Peterson, Zack's mother said.

Freshman through senior girls came through one by one.

"We got in here and were like 'what's going on?' Then we saw the flowers and everybody freaked out. The amount of girl noises was insane," Maddy Piotrowski, a senior at Holmen said.

Piotrowski said the rose turned her whole Valentine's Day around.

"I just can't believe it. Like, this is the first time I've ever gotten a flower from anyone," Piotrowski said.

"I know a lot of them left the room crying, which was really nice to know because they actually care he went through all this work," Abigail Peterson, Zack's sister said.

Abigail Peterson, a sophomore, said she was just as surprised as the rest of the girls.

"I don't have a boyfriend, so I wouldn't be getting anything else, which I know a lot of other girls are, so this was really nice because they probably won't get anything else, so it's really nice to get it at all," Abigail Peterson said.

The flowers weren't just for the students!

"Plus the lunch ladies, office ladies, guidance counselors, and my mom. She got a bouquet this morning," Zack Peterson said.

It was a simple reminder on this Valentine's Day that love has no limits.

"It was awesome. It was really awesome," Zack Peterson said.

"I'm so proud of him, and someday some girl is going to be pretty darn lucky," Rachel Peterson said.