Holiday wish list fulfilled at the Center for Veterans Issues in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- Holiday cheer was on full display on Monday, Dec. 16 at the Center for Veterans Issues in Milwaukee. After a weeks-long campaign by the City of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County to collect items needed by the center, those items were delivered to veterans at the center.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett

"It really does what we all want it to do," said Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. "And that is to make sure that those individuals who have sacrificed for us get the services that they need."

"These donations will help current veterans as well as veterans that we have here in the future," said Berdie Cowser from the Center for Veterans Issues.

Inside the center, a spare room was stacked with boxes of donations. From toiletries to game and everything else that could grace a wish list.

Inside the Center for Veterans Issues

"This will really help us to defray the cost that it takes for us to operate VETS Place Central," Cowser said.

Staff also passed out holiday cards and decorations created by the boys and girls at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Milwaukee, as well as homemade desserts.

"It was nice that they did this drive to help everybody. A lot of people are going to benefit from it," said Brian Michels, a veteran.

They are small gifts of comfort that Michels said does plenty to boost spirit at the center.

"When I came here, I didn't have anything," Michels said. "These donations really, really, really help."

"It still shows me there's people that care about people," said Dan Harris Jr., a veteran. "There is still living hope."

As part of the luncheon, the veterans were also treated to carols sung by the Pius XI Catholic High School choir.

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