HOG Chapter donates personal care items to Sheboygan food pantry

SHEBOYGAN (WITI) -- The Sheboygan County HOG Chapter (Harley Owners Group) donated thousands of dollars in personal care items to the Sheboygan Co. Food Pantry on Thursday, December 5th. And there's indication more donations could be on the way.

Michelle Robert, the HOG Chapter Secretary, understands what it's like to have to rely on a food pantry. At one time in the past, she needed to rely on help from a food pantry. During that time she realized pantries rarely have personal care items like shampoo, conditioner, and laundry detergent.

So Robert started a fundraiser selling pizzas and cookie dough with her fellow Sheyboygan H.O.G Chapter members to buy these much-needed products.

"Those are things that you needed to get and cost a lot of money, so it was more of giving them the things that they need," said Robert.

"I'm very pleased that she has used her experience and not to bury it and feel bad about it. Instead, she turned it around and is assisting others that are in this need," said Sheboygan County Food Pantry Board Member Sylvia Buckley.

To maximize the money she raised, Robert relied on her experience with coupon clipping.

"We figured we could double or triple what we made and turn it into a huge amount to donate to them," said Robert.

She didn't just triple the amount, she nearly quadrupled it. With the help of Walgreens, Robert was able to turn the more than $2,300 she raised though pizza and cough dough sales into about $9,000 worth of personal care products. Now all of those items are getting sent to the Sheboygan Food Pantry.

Route 43 Harley-Davidson in Sheboygan will be collecting personal care items for people to drop-off through the holiday season. Those products will also be donated to the Sheboygan Food Pantry.